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4 Cost Effective Strategies for Building Leadership Programs that Meet Diverse Needs

How do we design leadership development that meets the diverse needs of our leaders? Check out our 4 budget-friendly strategies 💸


Maximizing Learning Impact: Navigating Resource Constraints in L&D

L&D is being challenged to do even more with less. Our experts share 3 tips you can use to deliver impact on a budget 💪

Downloadable Resources


A Step by Step Guide to Simplifying and Prioritizing Training requests

Rescope your training requests into something deliverable with limited resources and budget


Do It Yourself Roleplay Template

Design simple, high impact roleplays. Great for practicing difficult situations!


L&D Simulation Bootcamp chatGPT Prompt Library

From our Simulation Bootcamp: A Library of chatGPT prompts to make roleplay and case study design faster!


meet sue

Meet Sue as she discovers Skillfully Said

To explain what Skillfully Said is all about, we’ve created a user story. Follow Sue as she faces budget restrictions and learner needs and see how Skillfully Said helps her!


Maximizing the Impact of Self-Directed Learning

In this panel discussion, we bring together 4 experts in learning content design and implementation to answer your most frequent questions about self directed learning.

simulation bootcamp

L&D Simulation Bootcamp 3-part series

In collab with L&D Shakers, we ran a 3-part tutorial on how to create short, impactful simulations for learning. Join us to learn how to design and evaluate 1:1 roleplays and group case studies, including shortcuts using chatGPT prompts!

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