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Image from Urchin Insight's Skillfully Said Solution.

Develop skills through engaging practice

Leaders learn best when they get to practice and get feedback on new skills that are relevant to their daily challenges

At Urchin Insights, we leverage a practice-based approach:

Image from Urchin Insight's Skillfully Said Solution.

Provide learning to anyone, anytime

Our platform, Skillfully Said, makes soft skill learning scalable and accessible to anyone, anytime by reducing the reliance on trainers and coaches.

Track impact with data

What is not measured cannot be worked on. At Urchin Insights, our Growth Dashboard gives you personalized insights into learner engagement and growth, enabling you to reinforce learning as needed

Our Programs

Here are some examples of the programs we offer here at Urchin Insights, feel free to reach out if you have a special request.

First Time Leaders Program

Develop your leaders to build their own engaged, high performing teams

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AI-Enhanced Learning

Build scalable, low-cost trainings for skills like feedback and coaching with Skillfully Said

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1:1 Leadership Coaching

Support your leaders grow and overcome specific or persistent challenges

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Image from Urchin Insight's Skillfully Said Solution.
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