Making soft skill learning accessible

Our Values

We believe in accessibility

Imagine a world where people seek to understand each other and work together to make amazing things happen. Where leadership is not just a title, but a way of being. This is the world that we at Urchin Insights aspire to create, and it all begins with developing our soft skills.

So, we need to make great soft skill development cheaper, more accessible and scalable.

With Skillfully Said, we are trying to do just that.

Our Team

Meet Alison and Michael

Hi there!

We are two organisational psychologists and data nerds on a mission. Having spent more than a decade of working with organisations to develop people, we’ve come to realize that at the heart of every great endeavor lies effective communication and collaboration.

Urchin was started to answer the question “How can we help more people learn to do that?”

Image of Urchin Insight's founders. Team responsible for Skillfully Said Solution.
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